I have been employed in Orchard now for over three years which I find very enjoyable.

I have worked with many experienced and motivated staff who strive to give positive outcomes to the service users.

The shared experience of working within a great team has helped build and develop my own relationship with the service users as well as my personal development as a social care worker. I have recommended Orchard Support Services to others looking for a rewarding career in social care work.

I am grateful for the experience and training provided by the organisation which helps to support me with my professional career development within the organisation.

(Peter. Staff Member)

“Happy and confident…

to be able to deliver the best possible care to our residents with full support and guidance from an organisation where input and ideas are actively encouraged and implemented for the benefit of everyone.

(Richard. Staff Member)

“Through Orchard…

I have been given the opportunity to grow professionally and learn new skills through many training opportunities. I feel so privileged to be able to care for some very special children and young adults in a relaxed, home from home environment.

(Hannah. Staff Member)

I have worked within the company for over 5 years.

During this time there have been many highlights including meeting some fantastic people, both staff and service users and seeing these service users flourish as they meet their individualised goals, establish new ones and gain independence.

I have got to witness several successful transitions and the genuine care and attention to detail given in order to accomplish them, with teams collaborating to ensure a continued consistent approach from one environment to the next. The opportunity for development for all staff has also been a highlight of working for Orchard over the years. The company has grown throughout these years also, but the ethos remains the same.

The teams hold the service users at the centre of all we do, providing a home away from home for many. It is especially lovely to see that the families of those we support share this sentiment also.

(Laura. Staff Member)

“I joined Orchard Community Care in 2015…

I started my journey with the organisation as a social care worker and have since progressed within the organisation. The thing I like most about working for Orchard Community Care is that everyone works with a consistent goal orientated approach and the needs of service users is paramount. The support offered to me from a managerial level has always kept me driven, which in turn, has motivated me to help service users to achieve goals. I have always felt supported in my role which has allowed for my Professional Development to flourish.

(McGovern. Staff Member)

“Working for Orchard Community Care can be like having a second family at times…

We work together to help those we support and the sense of pride when a resident achieves their goal can mirror that of a family achievement. It’s a great place to work and the support network, from top to bottom, helps us and service users achieve our goals.

(Shane. Staff Member)

Having been a member of the Orchard family for 3 years now, Orchard has always shown a positive culture.

There is always a focus on teamwork and togetherness leaving both the service users and staff feeling safe and secure and allowing all our unique personalities and qualities to flourish.

With a clear shared purpose across the board and open communication at all levels, trust is built and encourages employee engagement with great opportunities for further development.
Orchard is a solution rather than problem focused organisation. Nothing is ever a problem but rather a goal to work and improve on for both staff and the young people we serve.
Hand on my heart I can say there is a genuine empathy and care for all the young people within the service. The progress made with each individual has been phenomenal and it is a great honour to be a part of this. Truly rewarding work.

(Paula. Staff Member)

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