At Orchard Community Care we are focused on learning from experience and research to provide the most comfortable and calming environment for our services users.

We utilise the Atlass programme to guide our approach which is an internationally recognised programme which focuses on applying principals of stress management and wellbeing to support people with Intellectual Disability and Autism.

We have also implemented the Studio 3 low arousal philosophy which complements the Atlass programme in creating a positive environment for our service users.

All of our staff undergo training in the Studio 3 approach so that they can effectively implement this strategy and remove the day-to-day stressors that can trigger challenging behaviours for those we care for. In our centres you will find sensory rooms, attention to lighting levels and a consistent style of decoration as part of our approach. A specific stress reduction plan is developed for service users when appropriate and guides the delivery of care.

We find that our approach has a positive impact on the experience of our service users and families and we continue to refine our practices to provide the best possible environment and care.

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What our staff members say…

Through Orchard I have been given the opportunity to grow professionally and learn new skills through many training opportunities. I feel so privileged to be able to care for some very special children and young adults in a relaxed, home from home environment.

(Hannah. Staff Member)

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